What Comes Next: Diaries of a College Graduate pt. 2

It’s crazy to think that the steps and actions I take now may affect my entire future career. I am fresh out of college, with an endless corridor of doors laid out in… Continue reading

Diary of a College Graduate

Well, here I am. On the other side of Graduation. Yesterday, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Hofstra University, and now, its up to me to decide what happens from here.… Continue reading

You are More than Your Weaknesses (and Strengths)

  **This post, by me, was originally posted on “GetSmartMentoring.com”. We are constantly told that we should emphasize and work with our strengths. With the same intent, we are also told that we… Continue reading

Finding Strength in the Darkest Time of My Life

**This article, written by me, was originally posted on GetSmartMentoring.com. Very long story short, in my senior year of high school, my entire life changed. Had you asked me then, I’d say it… Continue reading

The Importance of Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Food

  [This article was originally published for the blog I intern for, at GetSmartMentoring.com] As many are aware, two weeks ago was National Eating Disorder Awareness week. Aside from clinically diagnosed eating disorders, I… Continue reading

THE Best Healthy Brownies (vegan, easy, one bowl) 

Healthifying brownies is not easy. Correction: actually,  It’s easy to make something healthy and brown that rises in the oven and looks like brownies. BUT, its not easy to make healthy brownies that… Continue reading

The Curse of Comparing Yourself to Others: My Internship

I am so so proud to announce that this semester, I got the WONDERFUL opportunity to intern for Get Smart Mentoring. Get Smart is a blog dedicated to inspiring and empowering women, and… Continue reading

Portable Pancakes!

Hey there! This recipe I’m sharing today is something I’ve been making over and over for weeks. You know those mornings where you wake up, want pancakes, but there’s just not enough time… Continue reading

Plans For 2016?

Happy (kind of belated) New Year! Thinking about my 2016 is a bit overwhelming. I’m graduating this May, which means after that, I’m going to start really thinking about where I want to go for… Continue reading

It’s the Most Dreadful Time of the Year? Staying Positive This Season

The Holidays are among us. Many of us look forward to it all year as a time of joy and gratitude, yet we find ourselves stressed out as we sing along monotonously to… Continue reading